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Jason Kegel


Jason Kegel

Jason Kegel owns JK Energy & Geoscience Solutions, a consulting service tasked with developing and promoting emerging geotechnical projects in the renewables, O&G and energy industries. He attained a MSc in Geoscience from the University of Houston and at New Mexico State University he received a BSc in Geology and a BSc in Geography.

Jason’s 14 years of industry experience includes interpretation and development of seismic programs in Alaska, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, on and off-shore Mexico, throughout lower 48 and extensive work in the US Gulf of Mexico. Jason has an aptitude for finding and integrating geophysical, geologic, and geographic data to create solutions that benefit the extraction and utilization of our energy resources.

Jason is enthusiastic about writing technical and non-technical content and finds pleasure presenting his findings through public speaking. His work as a liaison with University Consortiums to advocate the sharing of ideas from academia to industry and vice versa has been a highlight of his career.

When not working on geotechnical endeavors Jason enjoys studying history, playing ball and disc golf, and can be found running while listening to scary story podcasts.

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