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Lillian Jones

1st VP-Elect

Lillian Jones

Lillian Jones has almost 9 years of professional experience as a geophysicist at Apache Corporation. She received her Msc in Geophysics from Colorado School of Mines and her B.S. in Geology at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. She currently works in the Suriname Appraisal team at Apache, specializing in Quantitative Interpretation. Other areas Lillian has worked include the eastern extension of the Eagleford/Giddings Austin Chalk, Midland Basin, and Western Desert Egypt.

Lillian has been active in the GSH since 2017, serving as the Secretary during the 2017-2018 term. She assumed the committee chair role of NextGen from June 2020-April 2021, and organized the virtual lecture series “Under a Different Rock”. She has served as the GSH representative on the SEG Council since 2021. Lillian has also participated in the new GSH Journal committee and the technical committee for the 1st VP elect, Simon Voisey. Lillian’s passion for the GSH is to encourage student participation and interaction with more senior GSH members.

Lillian spends her free time with her husband Raymond, 1-year-old daughter Ripley, two dogs, and cat. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, hiking, and gardening.

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