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Article Submission Form

Image by Christin Hume
Article Submission Form

Use this form to  publish an article
on the Journal site

For the new digital Journal, please include the following with each submission: 


  • Title Article title.

  • Cover image (used for sharing on Social media). Please choose one image if there are multiple images.  Use the Cover Image + button.

  • Author Please list the  authors and co authors if applicable.

  • Keywords Minimum of five keywords (hashtags) that are specific to your article. #keyword #anotherkeyword.

  • Summary One - three sentence summary to identify your article in the search engine results. (limited to 140 characters)

  • Images Attach any original photos you would like included (please also include descriptions, photo credits, or names of individuals shown in the photos in the document). Please label each photo and indicate image placement in the document text.

  • Changes - Update Submission if you forgot something in the original submission or want to make a change - Please submit another form with the same title with UPDATE at the front. You can also include an additional note in the word document explaining what needs to be changed.

Having trouble with the form or a suggestion to improve the process...send an email describing the issue. 

Article Submission Form


Please indicate the placement of images and videos in the document and we will do our best to accommodate when building the article. Noted as figure1, figure2, etc.  Please include captions, image descriptions, photo credits or names of individuals shown in the photos and videos in the document.

Upload Document

Attach any original photo you would like included. Captions should be included in the document text.Accepted file types: jpg, png, and gifPlease makes sure all images are labeled.  Ex: ArticleTitle_cover.jpg

Upload Cover photo

Attach any additional images here.  Please label them as shown. Ex: ArticleTitleFig1.jpg

Upload Images

Please indicate placement of the video in the document text.  Attach any original videos you would like included. Please makes sure the video is labeled with the article title.  Ex: ArticleTitle_video.

Wix Video supports the following popular video formats. 

Upload video

Once your click Submit, a message will appear below the Submit button.

1. An error occurred. Please review the form for errors.
If you are not able to Submit the form - the fields that contain errors will appear in RED.  Please review your answers and try again.

2. Your content has been submitted
You will receive a confirmation in your email and be redirected to the Home page. 

Your content has been submitted

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