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For the new digital Journal, please include the following with each submission: 


  • Title Article or submission title.

  • Cover image (used when shared on Social media). Please choose one image if there are multiple images.  Use the Cover Image + button

  • Author Please list the  authors and co authors if applicable.

  • Keywords Minimum of five keywords (hashtags) that are specific to your article. 

  • Summary One - three sentence summary to identify your article in the search engine results. (limited to 140 characters)

  • Images Attach any original photos you would like included (please also include descriptions, photo credits, or names of individuals shown in the photos). Please label each photo and indicate image placement in the document text. 


Please let me know if you have any questions with the new submission requests. 

 Katie (Editor)

Journal Submissions

Please reference placement of images and videos in the document and we will do our best to accommodate when building the article. Noted as figure1, figure2, etc.  Please include captions, image descriptions, photo credits or names of individuals shown in the photos and videos at the end of the document.

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If there are mulitple images, please choose the image to be used as a cover image.

Caption information should be included in the document. All photos should be labeled as ArticleTitleFig1, ArticleTitleFig2, ArticleTitleFig3, etc.

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Please indicate placement of the video in the document text.

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Thanks for submitting!