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Kurang Mehta

1st Vice-President-Elect

Kurang Mehta

Kurang Mehta is an accomplished geophysicist with experience in the oil and gas industry and works technical projects in different geologic settings including Gulf of Mexico, Oman, Borneo / Brunei, and offshore Nigeria. He works towards generating value towards integrated subsurface characterization in exploration, development, and production stages of project, by providing high-quality seismic interpretation (structural and quantitative) and time-depth conversion. Always curious and eager to learn, resilient under pressure, takes personal accountability to ensure timely delivery of commitments, and willing to support colleagues while working in a team towards a common goal. He is an active SEG member since 2003 and has been publishing and (recently) reviewing articles for “Geophysics” and “The Leading Edge” since he was a graduate student (2004). In terms of the IMAGE technical program committee, he has been the focal point for the “Time-Lapse seismic” section since 2020. To build on his association with the SEG, he is currently a guest editor for the TLE special section on Carbon Management (Nov 2023), and the chair of CUSP (Committee of University and Students Program), which is a great leadership role for him to grow the association of geophysics students with the SEG.

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