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Liza Yellot

Communications Director-Elect

Liza Yellot

For over 20 years, Liza Yellott has been part of the geophysical community, beginning at VeritasDGC as an Internal Relations Specialist and was subsequently promoted to Global IT Business Analyst for most of her career with Veritas DGC and the merger with CGG. During this time as a business analyst, Liza built a depth of knowledge and understanding of the geophysical business through direct exposure, working closely with each business unit to improve and implement IT solutions to increase efficiency and communication across departments and borders. After departing CGGVeritas, she spent several years consulting as a Microsoft Business Analyst, working with various geophysical companies, until joining Seitel to develop a marketing program to build brand awareness and reshape the company’s image. In this role, Liza invested a substantive amount to time and expertise as a volunteer for the GSH and was awarded The President’s award in 2012 for her efforts in creating a social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Liza and her committee grew the followers from 0 to over 1200 in under a year and established the social channels still in use today. In 2013 the GSH board appointed Liza as 2nd Vice President, responsible for the social events and fundraising for the society. During Liza’s board term, she worked closely with the GSH treasurer to analyze past financial statements, reviewing funds raised and social event spending and was able to implement a formula for chairpersons to follow that rebalanced the ratio of funds raised versus costs incurred to organize and run events. The net outcome of this effort was the highest fundraising year in the history of the GSH and this process is still in place today.

With Liza’s unique background in IT and Marketing, she has married these skills to become a successful digital marketer and currently holds the position as Global Growth Marketing Manager for Ikon Science, responsible for developing the strategic marketing plan and directing marketing operations including the management of digital marketing, processes, organic growth, account-based marketing, web development, and analytics/reporting to the BOD.

Since becoming a member and volunteer for the GSH in 2012, Liza’s contributions have been instrumental in the overall progression of the society, and she is known for her ability to bring people together and be a change agent. In the role of Communications Director, Liza is committed to understanding the needs of the GSH board, employees, volunteers, and members and has the knowledge and experience to implement the right processes, training, and technical support necessary to streamline all communication channels to effectively grow membership, event attendance, and overall enhance the experience of all that are involved in the Society.

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