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on a cloudy day at hverarönd, near námaskarð in north iceland,  a fumarole belches out nox

Geoscience Center News

Geoscience Center hours:  Wednesday mornings
                                               9:00am - 12:00pm,
                                              or by appointment.

The Geoscience Center and Museum includes artifacts and materials from the 1920’s forward and accepts donations of materials, instruments and documents related to the history of geophysical and geological exploration as well as periodicals from various companies and organizations.  The Center holds workshops for teachers and includes resources to create interactive displays, hands-on activities, educational materials for school career days, classroom presentations, scouting fairs, science fairs, or other opportunities for interaction with students.

For more information or to serve on the GSH Museum committee, please contact Bill Gafford at or at 281-620-6156.

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