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2023 Dulles High School Math and Science Night

Updated: Jan 16

Mac Hooton shows a rock sample
Mac Hooton shows a rock sample and Rene Mott explains a seismic line.

On the evening of Friday, November 17, 2023, GSH Outreach volunteers participated in the Dulles High School Math and Science Night event organized by the DHS Science National Honor Society. Attendees paid $5 per student and $2 per parent/guardian to enter. The event was held to foster and encourage elementary and middle school students to pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math. All but two of the 50+ booths were hosted by high school students. The UH SEG Wavelets also participated.

GSH booth activities included knocking on the table and observing generated waves in X, Y & Z directions on a mobile phone, examining crude oil and rock samples, a drilling for oil game, wave motion demos using a rainbow coiled spring, and seismic data acquisition using the light animated poster. Since we had a second table, Mac Hooton shared his rock sample collection and gave away fossils collected from under Whiskey bridge. We gave away GSH logo coiled toy springs and "Earth is calling … will you answer?" brochures & GSH pens.

Special thanks to our event volunteers: Lisa Buckner, Rene Mott, Mac Hooton, and Huw James.

Photo credits: Lisa Buckner, Huw James



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