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2024 Morales Science Night

Huw James talking to girls and Mac Hooton showing seismograph on a mobile phone

GSH Outreach was invited to participate in the Science Night at the Morales Elementary School in Pasadena on February 8th.

The doors were opened, and a crowd of excited kids and interested parents quickly gathered at our tables set up for conversations. We had handouts of rock catalogs and geologic age diagrams, a seismograph on the iPhone (cover) to play with, and a model of the Gulf of Mexico stratigraphy for an interactive game, "Drilling for Oil." Our station collected lines of kids and parents waiting for a conversation (Fig 1 and Fig 2). One hour passed very quickly, explaining to the kids the difference between geology and geophysics, the important role of mathematics, chemistry, and physics in our daily lives and in the exploitation of the Earth's resources.

Huw James and Mac Hooton talking to students and parents
Crowd of students and parents to play “Drilling for Oil” game

The games were played, stories exchanged, and questions answered to the mutual satisfaction of the students and GSH volunteers alike. Approximately 50 GSH logo coiled toy springs were given away to students. Thank you to Huw James and Mac Hooton for volunteering.



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