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Geoscience Center and Museum News - April 2023

By Bill Gafford

Donations of books and publications continue to be received at the Geoscience Center for the Bob Sheriff Library. We are also sorting through the documents and files of Enders Robinson, who passed away in December 2022. These materials were donated by his wife, Joan. Bob Wegner and Mike Schoenberger have been helping with this project and helping to decide how to preserve and organize existing files such as these from other notable geoscientists. We have also had a large donation of books from David Forel, who was a GSH editor and treasurer in the 1990s. Ivonne Montiel is a new volunteer who is helping in the library with all of these recent donations.

Another current project is to continue working on a 1980’s GUS seismic recording system to make it ready to move to our museum display at the UT BEG Houston Research Center on West Little York. We also have other interesting artifacts that could be displayed but need some refurbishing or research in order to prepare historical information about the items.

There is also a lengthy list of other possible projects for anyone interested in volunteering to help at the Geoscience Center. There is also a continuing effort to work on the organization of the storage racks and identify and refurbish items or dispose of some of the unusable or unrepairable items.

Contact Bill Gafford at for more information.



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