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Geoscience Center and Museum News - February, 2023

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

We had a good response to the February Living Legends Doodlebugger social event. We had some new attendees and a few possible volunteers for help with some of the items on our project list. The next such event will be on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

We have received a donation of a Helicorder from Mark Willis. It had been used at MIT to record earthquake events in their earthquake monitoring research. Mark had previously donated a collection of geophones and other instruments used in earthquake studies.

I continue to receive papers, files, and publications of Enders Robinson dating from the 1940’s forward from his wife Joyce. Some of his books will follow. We will need to organize everything and decide what to add to our library and what to keep in storage. There is also a continuing effort to work on the organization of the storage racks and dispose of some of the unusable items. Volunteers are always welcome.

In addition to our growing collection of books and manuals in the Bob Sheriff Library, we have a large collection of geoscience related periodicals. A partial listing is below and there are missing issues in some of the years shown. Donations of missing issues are welcome. We are also working on an inventory of our digital files which includes more recent issues of some of the periodicals. Pictures of the periodicals portion of the Library are included with this article.

Geoscience Center Periodicals

SEG The Leading Edge 1982-2022

SEG Geophysics 1936-2009

SEG Annual Meeting Technical Program Abstracts 1981-2004

EAGE First Break 1983-2017

EAGE Geophysical Prospecting 1953-2017

Environmental Geosciences 2000-2006

GSH Newsletters and Journals 1967-2016

GSH/HGS/SGS/NOGS Membership Directories 1958-2011 (Some print, some photo, not all years)

Southeastern Geophysical Society Newsletters 1968-2005

AAPG Bulletins 1930-2018

GCAGS Transactions 1952-2006

HGS Bulletins 2002-2016

The Geophysical Directory 1948-2011

Western Profile 1954-2000

Denver Geophysical Society “The Record” 1984-2001

Bill Gafford



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