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Geoscience Center News - April 2022

The History of Geophysics by Bill Gafford

1980’s Marine Seismic Recording Boat model

We are in the process of renewing our lease at the Geoscience Center. After considering some other possible locations, it was determined that our current space fit our needs for the library, conference room, meeting room, work area, storage area, and museum display space. Our rent will increase but still be somewhat lower than other spaces considered.

One of our current priorities is to dispose of some of our older items that are beyond repair and not suitable for display, while some items just need some cleaning and refurbishing. Another plan is to add some of our stored artifacts to existing remote museum displays. One of these is at the University of Texas, Jackson School of Geosciences, Bureau of Economic Geology, Houston Research Center, located in northwest Houston. The facility is a repository for geologic cores and cuttings and we have a GSH Museum display in one part of the core layout room.

From time to time we add items to the display or swap items from other displays around town. A few pictures of the current display are shown in this article. Some of the more interesting items are marine related and include a portion of a marine acquisition cable and the associated “birds” which controlled the location, depth, and lateral position of the cable. A typical air gun which was used as the energy source, is included. There is also a model of a 1980’s vintage recording boat and some shallow water geophones and hydrophones in the display case below the boat. Other display cabinets include a variety of land geophones, amplifiers, and survey instruments.

We have found a couple of possible destinations for some of our duplicate books and publications and are sorting through what we have put aside as we continue to receive donations of publications. We will maintain one bookcase of duplicates that are free to visitors. The materials in our permanent Bob Sheriff Library are also available to be checked out.

We still need volunteers to help with some of the projects mentioned above. There is something that should interest just about anyone.

Geoscience Center Hours

The Geoscience Center is usually open on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 until noon or by appointment, and visitors are always welcome. Please contact me at or 281-370-3264 for more information.



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