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Geoscience Center News - November 2022

Our recent Living Legends Doodlebugger social event on November 9, was fairly well attended with a few new attendees as well as some of the regulars. There were some interesting conversations and discussions about current events as well as stories of experiences in the oil patch. Some of the latest donations for our Museum Collection were available for inspection and discussion. Although these events were originally planned for our retired members, everyone who is interested in visiting the Geoscience Center and seeing some of our Museum artifacts or checking out the Bob Sheriff Library, everyone is welcome.

Typical Living Legends Doodlebugger gathering

The next quarterly Doodlebugger event will be on February 8, 2023. A typical picture from a previous Living Legends Doodlebugger event is included with this article.

We continue to work on our storage area to remove some of the damaged and unusable items. While doing this we are updating our museum inventory. We also need to make room for newly donated instruments.

There is a continuing need for volunteers to help with a variety of projects. This could include helping with donated books and manuals to see if they are already included in the library inventory, or researching some of our older museum artifacts and instruments, and preparing them for display with appropriate signage. We have a list of short or long term projects also that can probably fit an individual’s interests. Volunteers are needed. Contact me at if you are interested.

Bill Gafford



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