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Geoscience Center News - October, 2022

We have received a number of items for our museum as a result of contacts made with visitors at our booth at this year’s IMAGE event. The largest donation included 25 vintage seismic instruments including amplifiers, filters, seismometers, and recorders, some of which had been used in earthquake monitoring. We also received a Scintrex Gravity Meter that will be added to the Iverson Gravity Collection on display at Bell Geospace. We also now have a nice collection of oil industry patches that will be added to those we have for a future display.

Our Bob Sheriff Library continues to expand with book and training manual donations. Volunteers are needed to help sort duplicate items and catalog those that are needed. Additional book donations are expected in the coming weeks, so this is an ongoing need. We will be updating the inventories on the GSH webpage in the near future. Library items are available to be checked out. Remember that with the GSH Office now in the Geoscience Center, the library will be open for visitors Monday through Thursday.

There is a continuing effort to rearrange our museum storage area and discard some damaged or unusable items. Volunteers are also needed to help with this effort. There is also a need to research some items and prepare an information sign for the item when we make space available for display.

Bill Gafford

If you are interested in volunteering at the Geoscience Center, please contact Bill Gafford at



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