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Our Digital Future

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

By Lucy Plant, Treasurer

Lucy Plant, Treasurer

Lucy Plant is an experienced innovation professional with over 15 years of experience. After completing her Bachelor Degree in Geoscience from the University of Bristol, she moved to Houston, Texas, where she has held positions of increasing responsibility in sales, marketing, business development, and management.

She is passionate about volunteerism and giving back to our local communities through coordinated STEM outreach activities.


As mentioned by our incoming President-Elect, Peter Eick, in January’s Word from the Board, as a board we are currently working on ways to offer better value to our members in order to encourage continued membership. One of the key requests received from members in our 2021 Member Survey is to improve our digital presence and offerings.

We heard you and have embarked on a journey to digitize our older content and better deliver our current content. As anyone who has opened the pandora's box of digitization of older media will know, the process is not as easy as it may appear from the outside but, as a Board, we appreciate this is an area for improvement and we are pleased to launch the first step in our digitization project: our new, digital GSH Journal this month.

This new GSH Journal is the first step within a larger project to create a digital collection of GSH pre-digital era publications, which contain just over 60 years of content. This project is proving to be a wonderful opportunity to delve into the history of the GSH. Our new digital GSH Journal is the start of the realization of this vision.

A key benefit of the new GSH Journal will be the digital cataloging of all content which will allow for keyword searches making content more easily discoverable by users.

True to our core principles to promote the science and profession of geophysics and to offer education opportunities to our members, it is our hope that this new digital publication will make the information held within the GSH archives more accessible to current members and preserve the journal's content for future geophysicists.

Please check back regularly to see new content as we add it.

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Great work by Katy Fry and her team!

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