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Permits for seismic exploration and $2.00 Bills

In the early 1970’s, a Robert H. Ray Vibroseis crew was working in the coal country of  Pennsylvania for Amoco. Part of the planned seismic program included a line through a small town. The locals had thought that our oil exploration was going to put them out of work, and therefore made it difficult to obtain permits, especially a line through the town.

We had several meetings with the Township civic leaders, explaining our role in the exploration process and time frame before anything could be determined as far as further drilling and development. We also told them approximately how much money would be spent locally each month for the crew and equipment expenses. The Township business community did not believe the amount we estimated. As time was critical, the supervisor contacted the local bank, Township management and local law enforcement about the plan to make cash payments rather than by check to the business community and to the local workers hired to work on the crew. For two weeks, payment of hot shot, equipment expenses and miscellaneous costs were paid by cash, in $2.00 bills. When the $2.00 bills started showing up all over town, the economic impact was apparent and the permits were no longer a problem.



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