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Searchable GSH Library Collection

Geoscience Center News by Bill Gafford

We recently had the opportunity to work with a high school student that needed some volunteer hours with a non-profit organization as part of his graduation requirements. The GSH Library Collection at the GSH Geoscience Center includes issues of the Geophysical Directory from 1948 to 2011. This was an annual directory of geophysical companies, contractors, and suppliers to the industry. There was a section on geophysical instruments which included advertising of products. Most of the ads included pictures and descriptions of the instruments or products. The Geophysical Directory also included an index of personnel and company names and addresses. In our GSH Museum Collection, we have a number of vintage instruments and items from the early days of geophysical exploration. Many of these items do not have historical descriptions of their use or vintage. Some items have manufacturer names or model numbers, and we can use the information in the Geophysical Directories to identify many of the items in our collection. The student created a searchable Excel database that will allow us to more easily identify some of the items we have and prepare them for display with proper identification and vintage. He was not able to include all of the issues that we have, so there is still a volunteer opportunity to add to this database.

We also have a list of other projects that need some volunteer time that can also be educational. For more information, come visit the Geoscience Center on any Wednesday morning.

Our Bob Sheriff Library materials are still available to use and check out. We are still arranging the bookcases and sorting through recent book donations, but the new layout of the front part of the Geoscience Center seems to be working out. The storage area for the Museum items will be rearranged to allow for a display section of some of our more important artifacts and a smaller area for storage as we discard some items that are incomplete or damaged.

The History of Geophysics by Bill Gafford

Please contact me at or 281-370-3264 for more information.



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