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A Live Webinar featuring, Don Herron & Bob Wegner

May 24 to 27, 2022

9:00 am to 1:00 pm Central Time (Houston, USA)

Seismic Interpretation Fundamentals is an updated version of a webinar sponsored by the Geophysical Society of Houston in May 2018, with new lectures on 2D seismic interpretation techniques and interpretation pitfalls.
The course consists of lectures on fundamental topics including:

  • basics of seismic exploration

  • seismic response

  • velocity

  • resolution

  • seismic migration

  • seismic correlation and mapping techniques

  • quantified interpretation

Lectures are supported by hands-on exercises, and the second half of the course includes several practical correlation and mapping exercises and projects. 

Session 1

  • Welcome

  • What is Seismic Exploration

  • Seismic Exploration Fundamentals

  • Intro to Seismic Interpretation

Session 2

  • Seismic Response 

  • Velocity

  • Resolution

  • Seismic Migration

Session 3

  • Fault Interpretation

  • Horizon Interpretation

  • 2D Seismic Interpretation Techniques

  • Correlation & Mapping Exercise
    (3D seismic grid)

Session 4

  • Quantified Interpretation 

  •  Bright Spot Interpretation 

  •  Interpretation Pitfalls

  •  Course Summary 

Test Your Skills!

Are you interested in attending the webinar and want to test out your Seismic Interpretation skills?

Each week we will be posting an interpretation skills question below, up until the webinar dates. If you think you know the answer then let us know and Don and Bob will provide comments and feedback but to get the final answer for each exercise you will need to sign up for the webinar!

Test Your Skills
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